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Build to Suit:

What makes Bank Reality different from traditional development services?

  • Our staff includes current and retired bankers who understand your projects from your perspective
  • Bank properties will support your real estate development process so facilities personnel can focus on operations.
  • You retain control of facilities management.
  • There are no large up front Investments
  • We can use local contractors or Bank Realty companies thus contributing to the overall good of the community
  • Bank Realty allows you to free up capital which can then be used to generate other bank business.
  • Long term leases assure continued services to the community.

Bank Expansions Analysis

  • Existing Facilities Assessment
  • Community profile
  • Demographic study
  • Local Real Estate Market
  • Assessment


  • Budget Requirements
  • Land Uses Study
  • Environmental Issues
  • Architectural Plans
  • Project development allows for future growth
  • We use a Construction Risk Management (CRM)
    plan to keep your entire project on target

Development process

  • Site Analysis
  • Land Development plan
  • Phase 1 Environmental Study
  • Formation of a working budget with constant updating
  • Monitoring project progress against invoices
  • Monitoring Cost of Completion against budget
  • Hiring Necessary personnel
  • Overseeing Assessment and necessary adjustments
    of development plans
  • Open Book Policy allowing you continuing input
    throughout the project.
  • Negotiating a mutually acceptable lease agreement

For information call us at: 717-812-9990 / 717-843-5100