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How does Sale/Lease-back work?

When a bank decides to pursue the sale/lease-back solution for one or more properties. Bank Realty, LP uses a propriety valuation methodology to value bank property that starts with an independent appraisal, followed by an analysis that includes criteria from the property’s structural attributes, its quality of infrastructure and market analysis.

Bank Realty, LP negotiates purchase and lease terms and conditions with the bank based on the property value, generating triple net or bond net lease structures that fit within the desires of the bank. The lease amount will be a function of the length of the term and mutually agreed upon final valuation.

The transaction closes. There is no disruption to bank personnel, operations or the bank’s customers. The total process from decision to pursue to close takes approximately 2 - 3 months.

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(Reprint of Article in September 2004 issue of Transactions)

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