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How does Sale/Lease back work?
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Why Choose Bank Realty, L.P.

Throw out the old Sale/Lease-back model.  Bank Realty L.P. serves the needs of banks through targeted innovative Sale/Lease-back solutions customized to meet each bank's individual capital and operational needs.

Consider these advantages...

  • We work through our proprietary volume model creating a very attractive deal for our clients.  The stronger our clients, the better they compete.
  • Banks maintain long-term management of their facilities.
  • Capital will be available for re-deployment to earn the bank's ROE.
  • Flexible acquisition and lease structures to compliment the bank's income statement.
  • Potential compliance with accounting and regulatory rules - capital ratios and Sarbanes/Oxley.
  • Banks have the potential to improve their efficiency ratio through Bank Realty Sale/Lease-back.
  • Special Purpose entity limited partnership to acquire your bank’s properties in which your bank’s customers and/or shareholders can participate.
  • Download, fill out the Sale/Lease-back form and email or fax it to us and for a nominal evaluation fee of $475 we can demonstrate the potential impact to your Balance sheet.    [Information supplied is available in public domain]
  • We Evaluate several different models, approaches and strategies that can be blended and molded to meet the unique specific needs of your banks plan for growth, capital requirement or implantation of sale/lease-back.

Our financing solutions are unique as are the needs of each financial institution.è„ transactions are not real estate based as has been the traditional lease.ć Čegularly make small transactions work for the small to mid tier institutions, allowing them to have the benefit larger institutions enjoy.

Our transactions are also optimized to meet and optimize the institutions specific relationship between their real estate holdings, taxes, loan income and flexible lease terms.

The financial institution will be able to maintain long term control of its facilities... (read more)

Own vs. Lease

What is the financial impact as a bank?

How does Sale/Lease-back work?

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